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Setting up VPN on Android, or any smart phone for that matter, can be a bit of a pain. It's not ideal having to manually type all the info needed for setting up VPN on the phone. It is easy to make a mistake when typing, which can lead to severe headaches trying to trouble shoot the problem. If you have several accounts to set up, or several phones to configure, then it can become quite a project.

The following short guide shows how to use the import feature of the 1 VPN app to make it easier to set up VPN. The import function lets you import one or more VPN configurations from a file or email. This feature is also useful for backup and restore of your VPN settings. The 1 VPN app can be bought from the Android market or from the app developers website

Step 1.

Lets assume we are setting up a PPTP connection, then the first thing to do is to send the following text in an email from your computer to your Android phone:

PPTP; My VPN; username; password;; ; true

Naturally you should replace 'username', 'password' and '' with something which is appropriate for your particular VPN server. Also, if you don't want encryption, you should replace 'true' above, with 'false'. You may also want to leave the password empty, for security reasons, in which case you will have to fill it in later when you connect to the VPN.

Step 2

Open the email you just sent on your Android phone using the Gmail client, and copy the text to the clip board. To copy text from an email you need to press "Menu>More>Select Text", then select the text to be copied by dragging your finger across it.

Step 3

Open the 1 VPN app, and click the "Add". On the following screen click "Import profiles" (the last option). This will bring up the Import Wizard seen below. Next you click "From Clip board", which imports your set-up and shows the list of profiles just inported (in this case only 'My VPN'). Click OK and you're done.

Imported Profile

Confirm Import

Import Wizard


The 1 VPN app makes it easier to use VPN on Android, with the import function being one of its handy features. There is also an export function which lets you backup your VPN set-ups, or copy it to other phones.

To learn more about the import/export features of 1 VPN on Android, you can look at:

The main time saver of 1 VPN is its unique 1-click connect feature. To learn more about 1 VPN visit


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