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We're in cahoots with some honest, hard working e-merchants selling Android tablets straight out of China, and they've been kind enough to provide us with some sample tablets to review. We, on the other hand, have been rude enough to review these tablets truthfully, without hiding anything. The results of our verdicts are found below.

Our reviews are intended for average users with some to no prior Android experience. We're not going to hack or "root" the tablets, nor try to "flash custom roms" or anything of the like; we expect them to be useful "out of the box". We will also do previews, basically a review of a product not quite ready or out on the market, just to keep you informed on what will hit the market soon.

We're going to focus on the usability of the tablet, rather than listing facts and figures that don't really say much.

Most Recently Reviewed

Zenithink, 10.2', Android 2.1

Currently Being Reviewed

APad A8, 8', Android 2.2.

Flytouch 2, 10.2', Android 2.1

iRobot, 7' tablet, Android 1.6