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Software License

Licensor is Doenter Limited. Licensee is any other part that has downloaded or in any other way obtained a copy of software published by the licensor on this site, or other sites chosen by the licensor.

  1. Licensee is granted a personal time limited license to use the software on one single android device. Limitation is based on the license fee defined for the software and duration of the license. In case the software is FREE there is no fee nor time limitation of the license. In case the Licensee has purchased a Perpetual License for the software, the license is not time limited. In all other cases, the Licensor will determine a time limit considered appropriate for the purpose of the License.

  2. Licensee will not try to reverse engineer the software, in any other way modify the software, or distribute it in any form to third part.

  3. Licensee may not publish the software, or in any other way make the software available for download or copying by third part. Except if the Licensee has a expressed written consent from the Licensor to do so.

  4. Although the Licensor acknowledge that steps have been taken to ensure that the software is fit for its purpose, and is not harmful to install and use, the Licensor will not make any warranties of any kind and will not be held responsible for any damage of any kind that is caused, directly or indirectly, by the software.

  5. Licensor Acknowledge that the software may include object form of source code taken from the "Android Source Code". The license for the "Android Source Code" refer to: