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Short Description

"Flip It" is an app that makes it possible to force other apps to show in landscape or portrait mode. Mostly useful for testing orientation changes on the emulator. May be useful for curious people who want to know what some particular app might look like in a different orientation.

NOTE: at first it may appears that this app "freezes" your phone, but it doesn't. It only seems that way since the user interface of this app is basically invisible (by design). But even though the app in the background is fully visible, it does not react to any screen touches.


We haven't put this app on the market (yet), so it's only available here (or wherever someone else might put it). This means you have to enable non-market apps to use this (Settings-Applications-Unknown Sources Checked).



Launch this app "on top of" another. This can only be done by launching it from the quick launch (long press on home button). The app provides 3 menu options:

  1. Portrait
  2. Landscape
  3. Sensor

which forces the device (whether it is real or emulated) to take the corresponding orientation. Since the Flip It is transparent, any app that is shown under it is forced to follow the same orientation.

The sensor option makes the orientation follow the devices sensors (typically portrait if the device is upright and landscape if it is tilted).

Exactly what happens when this app is applied on different devices and on top of various other apps is not predictable. We use this app to test other apps ability to change between landscape and portrait. If someone else may have use, or amusement, from it, then be our guests. It can be said that it is useful to get other apps to crash (since they typically don't expect to need to change), e.g. the Launcher2 (home screen app) often crashes after flipping it a few times (but then again it also seems to crash when changing language a few times).

Screen shots

Home screen forced to landscape mode on emulator (Froyo).


New in 1.0

Coming features

Nothing planned. Ideas?