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Doenter androids proudly presents our Android Apps. We strive to make apps that are useful or just fun, and always of highest quality.

Fun Stuff

Amusing Snippets

If you're just looking for some good laughs, this app will deliver. It's ad supported, but hey the monkey has to buy bananas.

Useful Stuff


Finally, an app that makes it 1 click to connect VPN on Android.


If you're annoyed with the effort it takes to start the VPN connection on your Android device, here's help.

Useless Stuff :)

In fact we are not going to waste your time with useless apps, This category is for apps that have a limited audience, and are pretty much useless to anyone else.

Flip It

For app developers, or anyone who wants to change the orientation of an app even if it doesn't support orientation changes.

About our Apps

Our main business is to make entertainment and games. But we also want to make Android better for everyone to use, including ourselves. Any utility apps that we come up with that may be useful to others will be offered as well.

If you have questions or suggestions on specific features of an app, we prefer that you do one of:

  1. Post comments on the apps page in the Android Market, or
  2. Use the app itself to post a comment to us, or
  3. Email us at android at doenter dot com

With time we will launch a discussion and question board on this site.