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I've found this to be a great choice for Django Hosting. Sure it's not for everyone. I'd say it's mainly for those who want full control and like to get some help on the way. Typically if you're starting out from a programming background so you don't mind getting down and dirty with installing a bunch of stuff from more or less stable open source projects. What you're given is a stable and easy to use web server stack. So you just need to do the fun part, coding the site:) Of course, if you want you can fiddle a bit with the server set up as well.

Their uptime and support gives me nothing to complain about, and the cost seems pretty much like everywhere else. Their suppport forums are quite active and knowledgeable, so you won't feel abandonned.

You can also host other stuff than Django of course. But from my perspective, as mainly a Django user, and for others who want a host for some simple Django sites then webfaction provides what you need.

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