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The internet can be a frustrating place when things don't work as you want them to. In many situations sites you want to access, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, are blocked. This blocking can be due to a institutional or company firewall that sits between you and the Internet. In some parts of the world there's also country wide censoring of the internet, which causes popular sites to be blocked.

Thankfully there are a couple of ways to solve this problem, ways that let you unblock websites and get around these restrictions. The most reliable and secure way is to use a VPN service. Usually this is something you pay a few bucks a month for, but it does give you a reliable connection to an unblocked Internet.

There is a plethora of providers of VPN services out there, and which one to choose can be a hassle to decide. VPN is not a simple technology to grasp, and often it requires some expertise to configure and make it work. One provider that sticks out, however, is PandaPow, thanks to the easy to use, fast, reliable and safe VPN connection they provide, and their top-notch support team that makes even the complete computer novice feel welcome. If you want something that just works, especially on Android, then I'd recommend giving them a try.

If you don't want to pay for a VPN service, or you can't install a VPN client on the computer you are using, then there are alternative Proxy solutions. These are usually more complex to set up, and not as reliable. Often you'll end up spending a lot of time looking for available servers, when the one you were using is shut down. In my opinion, this is only if you have a lot of time on your hands, are not concerned with connection speed and want to get your hands a bit dirty, fiddling with various settings. But be careful using "free proxy servers" as they may be collecting data about you for other purposes. Know that when you use a proxy server, all your internet traffic will be seen by that server.